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Doc Benefit • 50 artists donating artworks, YOU CAN PURCHASE A TICKET ONLINE UNTIL SUNDAY MARCH 11TH 3PM !

Tournures, 2018 at Doc • With Grichka Commaret

Driver Angst, 2017 at Doc • With Christophe Lemaitre

Le bien commun, 2017 LAMOA DS#3 at Commonwealth and Council • Curated by Ana Iwataki

Shanaynay Benefit, 2016 at Paris Internationale

Nothing Recedes Like Failure, 2016 at Mortadelle, Arles • Curated by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur-Raluy

Nothing Recedes Like Failure, 2016 at Mortadelle, Arles • Curated by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur-Raluy

Les Négligeances Volontaires, at Shanaynay, Paris (2016)

Perils From The Sea (Acte 2), at UBO, Brest (2016) • Curated by Maëla Bescond and Corentin Canesson

DOC, at Doc, Paris (2015) • Curated by Daiga Grantina and Jo-ey Tang

The Office, at ACL Partners, Paris (2014) • Curated by Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou


B. 16/01/1988 in Paris, France
Based in Paris, France.
Co-founder of Holoholo, an independant art publishing house, with Naoki Sutter-Shudo.


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12, rue Santerre • 75012 • Paris • FRANCE



in a garden action is keeping it alive but the one that would remold and remake men & soil: a gardener won't remake men and soil won't be washed away at least for now; build 2 decay & plant 2 improve; a plant grows and its speed does not care about the gardener

the political: a chimp evolves and creates its tools; Soon the lone chimp will learn to use its tools; Themodern and unknown will make him work; the chimp breaks his fruits and learns the broken fruits are broken: they bear the trace of his tools; Every fruit is the first fruit; Soon the whole tribe will learn to use tools but the chimp who made them is gone otherwhere

continuously renewing the founding instincts and impulses: creating your own continuous time where discovery sequences are always updated; Death is not to be feared because updates will never reach their end and death will never be; 2 live & 2 work is a time where death will never become; We are eternal and live forever; Work consumes you - You love work; Updates are only momentarily complete: you will never know the world; water will not wash water away

a Night-like Day; a Day-like Night; a Dusk where the Sun never gets up; a Dawn where darkness never falls; Here & Now it is a tall stone; stone after stone no one will time it again an ideally alined fruit cannot be sliced open

the political: action; The result is infra but the faith is in the preparatives;

the poetical: a chimp evolves and makes its habitat; Soon the lone chimp will secure its surroundings; What is the role of the other: to observe and to record; The habitat will become tainted by the chimp's moves; the chimp breaks his habitat and analyzes the segmented moments: they are infra; Soon the chimp wanders off: one must imagine the chimp happy; a bush burns and turns to ash but ash will not be bush again


  • Interior Day • Marion Vasseur Raluy and Kim Farkas, in Collective Gardens, 2014 (English)
  • in a garden action is keeping it alive • Naoki Sutter-Shudo, 2012 (English)
  • CRASH • Marion Vasseur Raluy, 2014 (French)
  • Ressusciter le futur • Laurens Otto, 2015 (French)

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